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Ierse Zangeres Enya

"Amarantine" is een album van de Ierse zangeres Enya.

Enya Muziek albums

Enya 1987




Memory of Trees, Enya


A Day Without Rain ,Enya


Shepherd Moons,Enya

The Celts, Enya

Paint The Sky With Stars ,Enya

Amarantine ,Enya

Categorie: Iers zanger

Category: Female vocalists from Ireland

Category: Vocalists from Ireland

Rambles is well known for the diversity of its offerings, but there's no denying that the cultural arts of a Celtic nature have been of particular interest to the readers and staff. It's always been easy to find "Celtic music" -- it's the largest section of this magazine -- but books and movies have been harder to find among the other many fine books and movies reviewed here. So it is with great pleasure that we provide this page to offer some focus -- books and movies of specific interest to Irish aficionados. Enjoy!

Looking for good music from the Celtic and British traditions?

Whether it's straight from Ireland, Scotland, England or Wales, or from the Celtic and British scatterlings in the United States, Canada and mainland Europe, chances are good you'll find it here. We have strictly traditional music as well as new interpretations and Celtic/British folk-rock represented in our database, which is constantly expanding with new reviews.

The world is full of mystery and magic, and people have tried to explain the unexplainable since time began through stories -- legends, mythologies, fables, folklore and fairytales. Here, we present books that explore those realms, whether delving deep into mystery or just spinning a good yarn. Enjoy!

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